Welcome to EquusDraco

Welcome to our website.

EquusDraco is an International business solutions company providing performance-based solutions in the areas of sales, marketing, global commerce, logistics, procurement, research, emerging technologies, eBusiness and a host of other sevices.

EquusDraco provides solutions which reduce costs, increase profits, increase productivity and increase global exposure of companies' goods and services.

EquusDraco is able to provide you unmatched advice and service.

Integridty, Honesty and Hardwork

More than a motto, the basics of our business. To succeed in International Business with Diginity, these are practices which every professional must make their creed.

EquusDraco can help your Business in:

  • Cross-Culture Consulting
  • Troubleshooting (processes, systems, products, etc)
  • Marketing, Branding and Advertisement (Graphic Development, Web Development, Media Development, Market Analysis, Demographics, Education, TradeShows)
  • Procurement (Sourcing, Design Specifications, Factory assesments, Samples, Negotations)
  • Logistics (Warehousing, international shipping, duties, inporting/exporting, Flow Analysis/Planning)
  • Startup (Document preperation, Government Relations, Office Space, Office Furnishment, Staffing)
  • Technology (Conceptual Designs and Development, Research and Development, Product Development, Problem Solving, Education)
  • Document Development (product documentation, product technical documentation, technical manuals, classifications, faqs, q&a).
  • Management (Contractual based Experienced Management, members of boards, chairpersons)
  • Analysis (Investment, Market, Research, Strategy)
  • Investigations (varied)
  • Due diligence - "Discovering the reality compared with the story"
  • Real world product testing
  • Perception Consulting
  • Investment
  • Mentoring and Incubation

    In 2014, we have consulted on projects in excess of 600 million dollars.


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